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Myles Nye

The Nerf war was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be. Big thanks to Play Folk lifetime member Doug T. who did a great job captaining this amuse-bouche.

Tombstone Billy once again lived up to his nickname, bringing a formidable arsenal of Nerf toys and darts. Billy and his son Trey are crack shots with Nerf weaponry.

Also of note regarding Tombstone Billy: Elan Lee was in attendance, and Elan's game Tombstone Hold Em is where Billy got his nickname. I don't think we made that connection until after and didn't make the introduction. Elan brought 2 friends, Scott and Juls, and John Greg Gomez also attended, along with Dice and Dash back fresh from playing Ministry of Silence and Maclen, back from his trip to Israel.

Pan Pacific Park was a great place to stage both the games we played. The trees, hills, rocks, and stone pillars gave both games a distinct quality. Also the weather, while warm, was perfect and beautiful.

Round 1 of Nerf War was simply a last man standing. I hid behind a tree (hey, look, my shirt isn't the only thing that's yellow), but the last two standing were Doug and his wife Jackie. Doug won. He's good at Joust too.

For the second game, we split into teams, offense and defense. Offense had 4 minutes to get as many Nerf darts as possible into a bin. Defense would fight us off. Then we'd switch.

Being the second team on offense was a huge advantage, because we had a mark to beat and had an idea of how the game would play out. This was a lot of fun, and everyone was good sports.

Then we split into two teams to play Field Tower Defense. For the first few rounds, we had 7-8 people on each team, but the teams dwindled somewhat with each run. Still, the decisions about which ability to level up to made for some fun decisions. However, this time the star was really the course, which included 2 large rocks, a tree, and the usual twists and turns, culminating in the very same dolphin-sigil castle that we used last year. Strategies about how to block off the runners, and how to outrun the blockers, made for fun physical gamesmanship. The game was lopsided in favor of the Stallers, but then tipped heavily to Red Alert.

There's some videos I'll post soon via a link in the comments. This was a really fun summertime game. The only thing missing was, when we played last year, we ended with a spontaneous guacamole party at my place afterward and that didn't happen this time. Still, we got that castle real good.

Thanks again to Pete Vigeant for teaching us how to play this game.

(Photo taken last year)

(Photo taken last year)